We have a team of certified and professionally trained technicians, who specialized in dishwasher installation. Our skilled & experienced technicians have been doing dishwasher installation for years and ensure your complete satisfaction. You can always count on us for a fast, quality and affordable installation service.

If you have just moved into a new apartment or house, there isn't a dishwasher installed or you decide to install a new dishwasher or you want to replace an old dishwasher, our expert Installation Services team can help you out.

Our technicians are certified, insured, highly experienced and take extra care in making sure your house remains spotless while the appliance is being installed.

You can choose plumber or handyman to install your dishwasher but one of the difference between them and our Installation Professionals is they are certified and licensed dishwasher repair technician as well.

Our dishwasher installation service includes:

  • Disconnect the existing Dishwasher.

  • Connect plumbing and electrical connections according to Standard Code and Safety.

  • Secure Dishwasher in right place.

  • Check all connections.

  • Ensure there is no leaking issue.

  • Verify the dishwasher is installed according to installation instructions.

  • Perform technician testing.

  • Ensure the proper functionality of your dishwasher.

  • Demonstrate the basic operations of your new dishwasher.

  • We absolutely guarantee the service you receive!

Call 416-617-9789 or Schedule Online to book an appointment for Dishwasher Installation Service.

Certified and Insured
We are specialized in Dishwasher Installation of all major brands from the standard Whirlpool to high-end European models like Bosch. We are fully insured. Our technicians are certified, licensed, insured, highly experienced in Dishwasher Install and take extra care in making sure your house remains spotless while the dishwasher is being installed.

Low Flat Rate - No Hidden Cost
We offer affordable flat rate for Dishwasher Install, you will always know how much the labour fee will be, before the job is done, no matter how long it takes us to complete. No hidden costs or added expenses. Before we get started, we provide up-front and affordable pricing for Dishwasher Install to let you know the costs associated. We won't charge a penny more! Being fair and clear are some of our core values.

Call 416-617-9789 or Schedule Online to book an appointment for Dishwasher Installation Service.

New Installation of a Dishwasher

Installing a dishwasher in a new space is a lot more complicated than changing out a broken dishwasher in an existing space. There are a few things you'll have to prepare before the dishwasher can be installed. For instance, prepare the cabinet area in which the dishwasher will be installed, a dishwasher will need its own dedicated circuit run from the electrical panel, It also needs a source of hot water and a drain to connect to.

The best place for your dishwasher is in the kitchen near the sink. This makes it easier to connect the water and drain supply lines. Most dishwashers are designed to fit under any standard height counter and require a space about 24" cabinet opening, 32-1/4˝to 34 1/2" height from the floor to the underside of the countertop and 24 inches deep.

Under Sink Water Connection:
The plumbing includes a hot water line and a hand shutoff valve. Prepare the water supply line from hot water pipe under the sink that enters into the dishwasher. A shut-off valve should be installed in the supply line in an easily accessible location, such as, beneath the sink.

For service convenience, It is important that the water supply line and the shut off valve have a sufficient flow volume. At least 3 gallons (12 liters) per minute must be able to pass through the line. The water pressure should be 4.2-140 psi and the water temperature should be approximately 120 degree F (49 degree C).

Under Sink Drain Connection:
The plumbing also includes a drain line. Choose your drain method based on your local codes and height of the drain tee. Some codes require an air gap. If the drain tee is less than 18 inches from the floor, you must use an air gap. If an air gap is not required and the tee is over 18 inches from the floor, you can use the loop method for the drain connection.

Directly to drain connection.

The dishwasher drain hose may be connected to the drain plumbing in either way:
1. Directly to the under sink dishwasher drain connection.
2. Directly to a disposer dishwasher drain connection.

Directly to a disposer connection.

If the dishwasher is to drain either directly into the household drain plumbing or through an air gap, install a y-branch tailpiece under the sink drain line. If there isn�t a garbage disposal or an existing drain for the dishwasher, install a dishwasher branch tailpiece in the drainpipe under the sink and install it above the trap under the sink.

Y-branch tailpiece

Electric Connection:
Dishwashers can be either hardwired, or cord-and-plug connected with a flexible cord. Now a days most dishwasher is hard wired. Check your dishwasher what type of electric connection it needs.

If there is not a an existing regular outlet or an electric box for hardwiring the dishwasher. Run an electrical wire to the dishwasher location. This work should be done by a certified professional. Install a 15 or 20-amp circuit from the circuit breaker panel, if there isn�t already one fitted.

Inspect or install wiring by making sure there is a 120V, 60Hz dedicated circuit with a 15 or 20-amp breaker or time delay fuse. Wiring has to be 2 wire with a ground and rated for 75 degrees Celsius or 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Electrical Safety Code, specifies that all outlets must be accessible. Because of this, a receptacle installed in a location that requires the removal of the dishwasher is not code compliant.

Replacing an Existing Dishwasher:

If there is already a dishwasher present, you will not need to arrange water line, drain line and electric line since they will already be there from the existing dishwasher. However, you do need to inspect the electric wiring and plumbing to make sure they are capable of servicing and meet the requirements of the new dishwasher. If the answer is negative then please check with the 'New Installation of a dishwasher' section.

In some cases you might face another challenge, you may find that extra layers of flooring have raised the floor height in front of the old dishwasher. This can make it difficult to get the old dishwasher out and the new one in. In some cases, you have to either loosen the countertop or remove flooring.

Tips about Dishwasher Installation:

  • Check location where dishwasher will be installed. The location must provide: easy access to water, electricity and drain.

  • The location must provide: convenient access for loading and unloading dishes.

  • The location must provide: enough free space for corner location. Corner locations require a 2" (5.1 cm) minimum clearance between the side of the dishwasher door and the wall or cabinet.

  • The location must provide: square opening for proper operation and appearance.

  • The location must provide: level floor. (If floor at front of opening is not level with floor at rear of opening, shims may be needed to level dishwasher).

  • Get a blanket, an old rug or cardboard to protect your floor while installing a dishwasher.

  • Make sure electric supply is properly grounded.

  • Do not install dishwasher over carpeted flooring.

  • Do not run drain lines, water lines or electrical wiring where they can interfere with or contact dishwasher motor or legs.

  • The location where the dishwasher will be installed must provide clearance between motor and flooring. Motor should not touch the floor.


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Replacing a built-in dishwasher was not a huge job but I was having a problem finding a plumber that would do it. I found Energytech Appliance Repair online and what a GREAT find! I phoned on a Friday and they gave me a two-hour timeframe the following Saturday! They arrived within that timeframe and did the job quickly and efficiently. They recommended a replacement hot water hose advising that the older one was close to the end of its lifespan. I appreciated that. Would definitely use them again and have every confidence in recommending them.
Shardalow, Toronto

Sam came on a Saturday which was appreciated. The job was done well, he provided good advice, and completed the job in a timely manner. Third time using EnergyTech (2 appliance repairs previously) and the same good service.
Joe Murphy, Toronto

called energy tech and they sent me out Khan who came the same day. charged me 80.00 for a repair estimate and i decided that it would be better to buy a new one Khan was very helpful in my decision as to what brand and what was a good one to buy. Called him back and he came the next day and installed it in no time he checked to see if it worked properly and any leaks and even helped me carry out the old one to the curb the cost this time was 145.00 Khan was on time and even changed and even asked another customer if he could come later to there apt so i could get mine finished before i went to work thanks again Khan
Mark, Brampton

Sam and Nar were very efficient when they repaired my washer. Sam installed my dishwasher was here on time and waited since I was delayed. He came in on a holiday because it was the only day I was available. I'm very pleased with them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my friends.
Glyn, Oshawa

I was having trouble finding someone to come on a weekend to install my new dishwasher, which I bought from Sears. Luckily, I found Energytech Appliance Service! Sam even called me 15 mins before our appointment to let me know he was on his way and would be there on time. They quoted me the price up front, which I appreciated. They were quick, friendly and efficient. I couldn't ask anything more and highly recommend them. Great work, great price, great guy!
Victor, Burlington

We bought a new dishwasher because the old one started falling apart (leaks, broken handle). We thought we could install ourselves after watching a couple videos and reading the instructions. We we able to disconnect the power but then after that, we were confused! Called a few places..Usually we hire contractors from the business we buy the product from (Sears etc), but we had bought the dishwasher via phone and Lowes requires us to physically be at the store to sign a paper to hire the contractors. Anyway, tried calling Sears home installation. .no one answered, but I left a message for a call back which the system said they would do since they were busy - no one ever called btw. I also called a "baumler approved" company but they told me I had to hire an electrician first to disconnect, then their plumber would come, then the electrician can come back to finalize! I googled dishwasher installed and found this company, looked here on homestars at the reviews and decided to give them a shot. I'm glad I did! There was no extra charge for coming out on Canada day. The technician was on time, very nice and made sure his work was done properly by testing for leaks after. He also explained to look for leaks over the next few days just in case and to call him if any do appear. He did a fine job installing the dishwasher and I would definitely call them again in the future.
Serita, Toronto


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