Whether microwave not heating, or stops after couple seconds, or not working at all, we can help you out. Regardless of how old your microwave is, our certified and professionally trained technicians can fix it!

Whatever brand, whether counter top convection, or Over the Range (OTR) or Built-In Microwave you have, we'll figure out the problem, and fix it!

Microwaves have become an indispensable necessity. In this age where we are enslaved by technology, we are dependent on microwaves to cook food, reheat, and even eat ready-made meals. Microwave may breaks over the period of time and when that happens, we can help you.

Call 416-617-9789 or Schedule Online to book an appointment for Microwave Repair Service.

Certified and Insured
We are specialized in Microwave Repair for all major brands from the standard to high-end models. We are fully insured. Our technicians are certified, highly experienced, knowledgeable and professionally trained for Microwave Repair and will ensure,
"Microwave Repair - Done Right - The First Time".

Low Flat Rate - No Hidden Cost
We offer affordable flat rate for Microwave Repair, you will always know how much the labour fee will be, before the job is done, no matter how long it takes us to complete. No hidden costs or added expenses. Before we get started, we provide up-front and affordable pricing for Microwave Repair to let you know the costs associated. We won't charge a penny more! Being fair and clear are some of our core values.

Call 416-617-9789 or Schedule Online to book an appointment for Microwave Repair Service.

Our experienced technicians are providing microwave repair service for all major brands. Major brands include:

  • Panasonic Microwave Repair
  • Kenmore Microwave Repair
  • Samsung Microwave Repair
  • Whirlpool Microwave Repair
  • Frigidaire Microwave Repair
  • GE Microwave Repair
  • Maytag Microwave Repair
  • Kitchenaid Microwave Repair
  • Electrolux Microwave Repair
  • Jenn-Air Microwave Repair
  • Thermador Microwave Repair
  • LG Washing Machine Repair
  • Amana Microwave Repair
  • Danby Microwave Repair

Tips about Microwave Maintenance:

The basic function of all microwave oven is the same - that is cooking and defrosting. Like all other household appliances it has got some degree of cautions which you need to exercise. Here are a few tips to look after your microwave oven.

  • Never run it empty: Don't run microwave oven without food, this may damage the microwave oven. This can cause the magnetron to overheat and fail.

  • Turn off: Turn off or cancel the program timer first before opening the door. Sudden opening of oven door could blow the safety fuse.

  • Close the door carefully: Take care not to slam the door. Latch mechanisms on microwave ovens generally have three switches that must close in a particular order. Slamming the door may alter the order of the switches' closing, resulting in a blown, internal fuse.

  • Use only microwave-safe dishware: Only place dishware that's stamped as microwave-safe into a microwave oven. Many glass products are not microwave safe.

  • Power Setting: Use low power settings for defrosting food and softening butter or cream cheese. Use a medium power setting for reheating food. Use a high power setting for quick cooking and heating water.

  • Avoid Metal: Never put any metal objects like metal containers, metal utensils or even objects with a metal trim or foil trim inside the oven. Always remember to remove the aluminum foil from food items before putting them inside the microwave.

  • Sealed Items: Never try to microwave anything that has a seal. Remove the seal of containers and utensils before putting them inside the microwave oven, as they might explode otherwise.

  • Remove odor: When the microwave has an odor, wipe the interior with water and baking soda. Rinse and wipe dry. Using 3 parts warm water to 1 part lemon juice works well too.

  • Avoid surge damage: Plug your microwave oven into a surge suppressor to protect its circuitry from damage during voltage spikes or surges caused by lightning and other power fluctuations.

  • Leave the repair of electronic parts to a professional: Despite its small size compared to other home appliances, the microwave oven can store thousands of volts of electricity in its high voltage capacitor, even after the microwave oven has been unplugged. It is very important to only have a qualified service technician make electrical repairs to avoid shock injury and further damage to the unit.

Most common problem with the microwave:

Here are some of the problems you might be experiencing with your microwave, with all of which we are ready to help you.

  • Microwave door is not closing.

  • Microwave has no power.

  • Microwave is not heating.

  • Microwave running but not heating.

  • Microwave is not working.

  • Microwave starts then stops after couple seconds.

  • Microwave is making loud noise.

  • Microwave touch pad is not working.

  • Microwave turntable is not turning.

  • No Lights or Power, Unit seems Dead..

  • Lights come on, but can not program unit.

  • Microwave Runs, but no Heat Turntable rotates, acts like it is heating but doesn't.

  • Microwave Runs, Heats, but turntable does not move.

  • Microwave is arcing.

  • Microwave overheats and keeps turning off.

  • Over The Range(OTR) Microwave Vent Hood is not working.


Here you can see what other customers are saying about us. Would you like to send a testimonial? Email us here.

We were having problems with our Panasonic microwave, everything is working except heating. I got Energytech appliance online. Sam picked up my call and gave me a time for the next day. He contacted me the next day to confirm appointment to ensure he didn't waste my work day waiting for him. They arrived on time with the right parts to complete the repair on the spot. He quickly figured out the problem and replaced the part, which he already had on hand. Outstanding service!! I would always count on him in future for any appliance repair.
Mauricio, Vaughan

The service that we received from Energytech Appliance Repair was excellent. The appointment was made for just a day or so later, and the repairmen arrived on time, were courteous, had all the parts required, and completed the job promptly and well. The microwave repair was done a couple of months ago, and there have been no further problems.
Lynne, Milton

Very professional service with politeness and efficiency. Our GE Profile microwave stopped working suddenly. Problem diagnosed, part ordered...it works again. Highly recommended people. Reasonable charges for sure. Thank you for your great microwave repair service. We will call you again when needed for sure.
Wendy, Stouffville

We needed to fix the microwave and the technician came to look at it and said that he needed to order a new part. It came quicker than he said it would and he put it in sufficient time. The price was a little expensive but the microwave works well now.
Flint, Bowmanville

My 7 years old Kitchenaid over-the-range microwave stopped heating and I knew that replacing it would be a major expense. Sam came shortly after I called him. He found that the microwave had not been installed properly and with my permission, he knocked off one of the panels so that he could service the unit. He replaced the door switch and tested it thoroughly to make sure it was the correct fix. Everything is fine, saving me a significant expenditure. Great service!!
Prusley, Mississauga

Energytech Appliance Service arrived on time, worked efficiently and were extremely helpful on several occasions with repair services to a kenmore microwave and kenmore dryer. They have earned my loyalty with excellent service and I will call them again with any future problems with my appliances.
Jackueline, Toronto


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