We have a team of highly qualified & skilled technicians, who specialized in repairing all major brands and models of dryers. We pride ourselves in being one of the most relied upon specialists in Dryer Repair. You can always count on us for a fast, quality and affordable repair service.

Whether the dryer is taking too long to dry, or not heating up, or not working at all, we can help you out. Dryer repair is what our technicians have been doing for years. Whenever you want us, we will be there - today, tomorrow or this weekend.

Our licensed gas technicians are professionally trained, who specialized in repairing all major brands and models of gas dryers. We are fully insured & TSSA Registered Gas Contractor. Our technicians are highly experienced & TSSA licensed to work on gas appliances LEGALLY.

Whatever type (gas or electric) or brand (Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, Samsung etc.), whether in low or high-end models, or compact condo-sized stackable model of dryer you have, we'll figure out the problem, and fix it!

Clothes dryer has become an appliance of both convenience and necessity. But a faulty dryer can cause a lot of stress and lead to major disruption in most household chores. Regardless of how old your dryer is, our certified and professionally trained technicians can fix it!

Call 416-617-9789 or Schedule Online to book an appointment for Dryer Repair Service.

Certified and Insured
We are specialized in Dryer Repair for all major brands from the standard to high-end models. We are fully insured. Our technicians are certified, highly experienced, knowledgeable and professionally trained for Dryer Repair and will ensure "Dryer Repair - Done Right - The First Time".

Low Flat Rate - No Hidden Cost
We offer affordable flat rate for dryer service, you will always know how much the labour fee will be, before the job is done, no matter how long it takes us to complete. No hidden costs or added expenses. Before we get started, we provide up-front and affordable pricing for Dryer Repair to let you know the costs associated. We won't charge a penny more! Being fair and clear are some of our core values.

Call 416-617-9789 or Schedule Online to book an appointment for Dryer Repair Service.

Our experienced and professionally trained technicians have the expertise to handle the entire range of Dryer Repair for all major brands. Regardless of how old your dryer is, we can fix it! Our Dryer Repair Service includes:

  • Kenmore Dryer Repair
  • Whirlpool Dryer Repair
  • Frigidaire Dryer Repair
  • GE Dryer Repair
  • Maytag Dryer Repair
  • Samsung Dryer Repair
  • Electrolux Dryer Repair
  • Inglis Dryer Repair
  • Moffat Dryer Repair
  • Amana Dryer Repair
  • LG Dryer Repair
  • Bosch Dryer Repair

Tips about Dryer Maintenance:

Dryers need maintenance like any other appliance. Your dryer will last longer, produce better results, and be safer when you follow these Tips :

  • Clean the lint filter after every load. Yes, every cycle. It's that important.

  • Avoid kinking exhaust vent behind dryer. The shorter vent line is better.

  • Exhaust ducting should be of a metalized semi rigid/flexible material. Do not use vinyl as it can be easily crushed, flammable and increases drying time tremendously! .

  • Rigid or flexible metal venting and ducting materials help sustain airflow, reduce operating costs and extend the life of the dryer.

  • The inside of the dryer should be cleaned periodically by qualified service personnel. Even if you're good about removing lint from the filter after every load, it's common for lint to build up within the dryer, too.

  • Your dryer's entire venting system should be cleaned out from the inside of the dryer to the outside vent cap at least once per year. Lint accumulates in the duct causing an increase in drying times. It can also pose a potential fire hazard.

  • Check your outside vent hood. Clean if necessary. It is not advisable to use mesh wire or grates to cover the vent hood. The best vent hood has a flapper that opens when the dryer is in use and closes when off. Verify proper operation of the flapper periodically.

  • Check the area around the dryer's vent cap outside. Remove restrictions such as snow or leaves and clear shrubbery to enable proper air flow.

  • Do not overload dryer. Too many clothes will inhibit proper circulation of heated air between and through the garments. On the other hand, too few clothes can create a similar problem by bunching and disallowing proper air flow through the clothes.

  • In winter months, dryers located in a heated area of the home will dry more quickly than a non-heated utility room.

  • Drying multiple loads one after the other will reduce overall dry time by utilizing heat retained by the dryer from previous loads.

  • Read manufacturers' warnings in use and care manuals that accompany new dryers. Also, make sure to read the warning markings that can usually be found on the inside of the dryer's lid.

Most common problem with the Dryer:

Here are some of the problems you might be experiencing with your dryer, with all of which we are ready to help you.

  • Dryer overheating

  • Under heating

  • The tumbling mechanism has stopped working

  • Longer than usual dry time

  • Clothes are staying wet after the full cycle

  • Dryer Won't Stop

  • Dryer runs but no heat

  • Dryer no power at all

  • Dryer not working in automatic cycles

  • Dryer not working in timed dry cycle

  • Issues with the digital display

  • Error code on the electronic panel

  • Making unusual sounds such as grinding or squealing

  • Blown fuses, or tripping the circuit breaker regularly

  • Tearing or dirtying of clothing

  • Heat element on the dryer is gone

  • The machine will not start at all!

Here you can see what other customers are saying about us. Would you like to send a testimonial? Email us here.

I got a call from my tenat that the dryer is running but there's no heat. I needed someone to get the job done quickly and at a good price. I started searching on internet and found Energytech appliance. Sam arrived on time with the right parts to complete the repair on the spot. I didn't see Sam but he was really a great person to deal with, very professional, expert in what he's doing & his price is very reasonable. I will definitely recommend Energytech appliance to all my friends & family members.
Cheryl, Brampton

I was having an issue with my dryer. When I would put clothes in to dry, there was no hot air coming through. I looked on-line for suggestions on appliance repair companies and came across Energytech Appliance Service. He gave me a prompt call, explained in details where the problem sits, possible ways to go further. Next day Sam showed up as agreed, to fix the dryer. He was responsive, punctual, professional and followed up to ensure everything was working to our
Steve, Burlington

We had problem with our dryer - not drying clother properly, takes long to dry. I called on the weekend and I was given a call back the next hours and Sam was able to come that morning. He diagnosed the problem right away, the heater was broken. Replaced the part from his truck stock. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and true professional. . I would not hesitate to contact Sam again for any appliance issue.
Borris, Vaughan

I had assumed the motor had failed, good troubleshooting found the problem was a ceased blower assembly. Although it took two weeks to get replacement parts it is understandable as it is not a part that is normally stocked and it happened during the holiday period. The technicians were personable, thorough in their investigation, and careful with the equipment. Given that it took two trips and parts included I think the price is very reasonable for my dryer repair.
Toby, Oshawa

I was having problem with my 8 years old Kenmore dryer, it wasn't heating properly. Not wanting to live in a disposable society where one runs out to get a new appliance, I looked for someone to repair it. A quick Google search led to a few phone calls to different companies. I was impressed with Energytech Appliance right away. An appointment was scheduled for later the same day, he arrived on time, quoted me a fair price, and fixed my dryer within 30 minutes. Perfect! The service provided was excellent - efficient, respectful, and reasonably priced. Unlike others I called, one of which didn't bother to return my call and the other whose service call charge equalled what I paid in full for the repair. I am very happy with Energytech and will definitely call again for any future repairs
Saunders, Toronto

Expert care with dynamic diagnostic skills. Raymond was in and out within an hour. He made sure everything was running properly by testing twice before signing-off the work order. Most impressive dryer repair service.
Christopher, Mississauga


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